Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 12 - Day 34: A Little Song, A Little Dance, A Lot of Hair

Tonight my mom, my aunt, both my sisters, and I all went to see Hairspray at the Hale Center Theater.

It was so good! The guy that played Seaweed was adorable! If he wasn't leaving on a mission in the next couple months I would have flirted it up!

Monday, April 11 - Day 33: Hats Akimbo

Today I finished two hats:

The penguin just might be my new favorite!

And this bright colored owl is so much cuter in person, I promise.

Sunday, April 10 - Why Get A New One?

After the longest church meeting of my life I came home and started crocheting. My purse has been pretty bland...

So I added some cute brads and a flower!

Doesn't that look so much better?

Saturday, April 9 - Day 31: No Pictures

I forgot to take a picture today. And it really would be a good one. I made a hat and beard for Marty. He looked awesome! Next time I head out there I will take a picture of him wearing them.

Friday, April 8 - Day 30: A Carnival at Home

Tonight Marty spent the night because he is going snowmobiling with my dad tomorrow. We rented Yogi Bear and made.....

a mess...

that we boiled in oil...

that became FUNNEL CAKES!

Thursday, April 7 - Day 29: Paint For Holding

Tonight me and McKenna went out for frozen yogurt and then went to a place called Creativity Art, it's the same kind of thing as Color Me Mine, but much less busy. McKenna did a giraffe and I did a ring holder.

I can't wait to get it back!

Wednesday, April 6 - Day: 28: Our Future

As a quick side note, the past few days are a little out of order. That's what happens when I don't keep this updated!

Today I started teaching at the elementary school in the resource room. It was so extremely fun! I taught the kids all by myself, the teacher left for the day.

After working with these kids I think I want to be a resource teacher now, not just a regular ed teacher.

Sunday, April 3 - Day 25: Those Who Can't Grow, Make

I've created a new crochet item: BEARDS!

I can now scare people. And I have fixed it a little so the opening isn't so big.

Monday, April 4 - Day 26: Chomp Time!

Each time I saw Traeson last month he was showing signs of teething. I told Dani I thought he was teething, she didn't believe me. Well she believes me now!

How cute is that?

Tuesday, April 5 - Day 27: Home Grown

I was searching for something to eat and I found something growing in the cupboard..

I didn't eat them, no worries.

Saturday, April 2 - Day 24: The Faster You Roll, The More That Fall

In between conference sessions we all went bowling.





Not sure if you can read the scores, but they are Tom: 110, ALEXA: 132, Nancy: 82, McKenna: 56

Friday, April 1 - Day 23: New Clothes!

So yesterday my dad took me clothes shopping for my birthday. My birthday is October 20, but on October 20th I was 8 months and 3 weeks pregnant, so I didn't really want new clothes then. Now I do want new clothes since I severely emptied out my closet just a few weeks ago. I got loads of stuff, here is the first new outfit!

Thursday, March 31 - Day 22: Buzzzzzzz

Today I finally started sanding the lacquer finish off my futon. It is taking a lot more sand paper than I anticipated, though. My hands felt weird after having them vibrate for so long.

I love that it is finally nice weather for at least a couple of days so I can do this!