Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Look at me go!

Start off with:

One pair of hideous shoes. (I did not buy these.)

$12.00 I found in my winter coat.

And you get:

How cute are these?

Now I will show you how.

Cut extra pieces off with an exact-o-knife.

 Buy glitter. $7.99 at Roberts (they are going out of business - Hobby Lobby works, too) + 40% off coupon available at register = $5.82

Mix mod podge (I already had)

with the glitter

and begin painting. I will look hideous at first. Don't worry, the mod podge dries clear. 

I did 4 coats. I used more glitter mixed in the mod podge on the last 3 coats. I was conservative and nervous with my first mixture. You will figure out what ratio to use.
Tip #1: use LOTS of glitter. More than you think.

Ta Da! Beautiful!

Tip #2: use a shoe with a rough-type of outer material. If you have a pair that are slicky, take a little sand paper to them. Mine have began pealing a little.