Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fourteen Days

Day One:
First day of my spring break! But all my friends have school or are lame so I had to do something on my own. So I took my little nephews to the zoo. We had a BLAST!

Of course, there are no pictures of me because I was the one in charge of the camera. It was pretty crowded, but some of the coolest things happened while we were there. First, there were a couple babies. Who doesn't love baby animals? Especially little monkey ones that are no bigger than a couple inches.

Next, I'm so mad I didn't get a picture of this, but one of the giraffes bent down and was probably 3 feet from our faces! I was so fascinated that I forgot all about the camera that was IN MY HAND. Ugh, silly me. It was incredible, though. The two boys LOVED it.

I got the ride the carousel for the first time. I took Brock on it, Happy Birthday! He was so cute!

Tallon was "too cool" to ride it, so it was just me and the birthday boy.

After the carousel we went to find the Ape Exhibit. It was pretty cool, nothing too exciting going on. Then we did the traditional measuring up.

We walked around the corner to a viewing area of orangutans that isn't really used much, it is kind of hidden away. And saw this:

How crazy is that?! I have never seen anything like it in real life. We just stood there and watched for probably 25-30 minutes. She was definitely putting on a show.

We rode the train and saw the portals to pop your heads up through. The boys needed to get in there.

Now the park. Is there anything more fun than the park at the zoo? Probably not.

When we left there was a goose just hanging out in the parking lot. The last animal to say goodbye to. He scared the boys when he honked and ran away flapping until he lifted for flight.

Day Two:
I woke up totally bummed that I had a whole week of free time and no plans. I really wanted to get away and try to forget about things. So I called my second mom Nani. She currently lives in Hawaii. I booked a flight.

Day Three:
Flew to Hawaii. No big deal. Didn't even have a ticket 24 hours earlier. Nani was so cute to have a lei for me. I love her so much!

Days Four to Nine:
Hung out in Hawaii. I didn't take very many pictures, but I did take some.

That is a monk seal behind me. He was adorable.

Day Fourteen:

What a busy two weeks I have had!