Sunday, September 23, 2012

Slacker To The X

So I don't know what my deal has been. I'm being so lazy about blogging. I have had nothing to do all summer and I can still tell myself I don't have time for it. But, sadly, I still haven't done much worth blogging either.
I need to learn how to create photo collages for effectively for moments like this. The only way I know how takes SO MUCH TIME!
So I'll give a quick run through of my summer.

Hannah had her birthday.
Hannah and I went up to Park City, did a little shopping. Then we went out to dinner at the Provo Towne Centre, but while waiting for others to arrive Hannah, Britney and I rode the carousal. It was definitely fun!

Then a few days later we went camping. I have no good pictures of the camping trip. They were all taken by Sam. I have yet to even see them!

For the Fourth of July I went to Moab with my mom and two of my nephews to watch my brother-in-law do the firework show. It was pretty fun, we went to the National Park, but didn't have time to hike to Delicate Arch. I have lived in Utah my whole life and still have not really been to Delicate Arch! One of these days...

I spent a lot of my summer visiting Trae. One trip I brought some faux glasses for us to play with. He looked so adorable!
We had fun playing at the pool, too. He is growing up so much and is just getting the cutest personality! I love that little guy.

We finally returned to our traditional Bear Lake trip. Though it was drastically interrupted when my mom got a KIDNEY STONE! Luckily my sister and her family was coming up the next day, so my brother-in-law took my mom home and my sister, her two younger boys, and I stayed and played for a little while. We were not good about taking pictures.
The boys loved getting buried. I didn't get as tan as I was hoping, though. I was good and didn't put on any tanning oil, just sunscreen. I'm not tan, but I also won't get skin cancer. Guess I made the healthier choice...

School started!
I had my mom take a picture of me like she did when I was little. The lace on my backpack, I added that myself! I am so proud of myself. It looks so adorable! I actually am loving school! My professors are all really cool, and since I'm in my major now I'm loving most of the content I learn. It's awesome.

Yesterday I went to the Riverwoods to see their Chalk the Walk event. They had tons of artists making big chalk murals in the parking lot and a percent of the precedes went to a school for autistic children. It was pretty cool. There was even an owl one! I would like to point out, I hopped on this trend before it was even a trend.
They aren't quite as cutsie as I like them, but I loved this one. It was a really cool event.

We also went to my parents' new house yesterday to check on the progress.
I got to stand in my new room! the first picture is through what will be a sliding glass door to the outside, the second is through the regular door from the hallway. At first I was really bummed about my parents moving, but I'm excited now. This house is going to be really cool. And I'll have a walk in closet! Too bad I'm basically grown...