Thursday, November 17, 2016

Long Distance

In the past few weeks I have seen a number of people publicize their despair over being temporarily separated from their significant other. 6 weeks or less is the amount of time I have seen. While dating and through almost our entire year long engagement Derick and I spent a maximum of 22 continual days together and a minimum of 10 weeks apart. Being apart was more a norm than being together was.
I know being away for your significant other is hard, I would never want to belittle that. Putting it on blast everyday is so incredibly annoying, though. I lived long distance for over a year. I only saw Derick 4 times in 15 months. Not to mention it cost me about $1000 just to be able to see him each time.
Moral of my story: before you complain everyday to the entire world about your problem, think about how maybe it isn't as bad as you think it is. Others have definitely been through harder times and made it out.

P.S. I'm feeling very anti privileged-white-American lately.