Thursday, March 29, 2012

Preschool Portions

One of the funniest things about my job is that I am slowing learning Spanish. My vocabulary is extremely limited, and I definitely don't know how to spell anything. Most of what I learn is from two and a half year olds, so it also is not very grammatically correct. I also might not be pronouncing it right because children do not speak well. Yesterday I learned a very interesting word, or phrase I should say, for one such student. He was building a tower of Mega Blocks and dropped a couple on the ground shouting, "Puta madre!" One of the Spanish speaking teachers looks at him with a serious look on her face and said something very stern in Spanish. I'm used to the children shouting, "Su cayĆ³!" meaning, "It fell!" I asked the teacher what he had said. Turns out a little two and half year old said, "Mother F$#%er!" The teacher asked him why he say that, he innocently answered, "Two blocks fell," with a cute little child look on his face.
Now, luckily, if I jam my finger in Mexico or South America I can proclaim my pain in their native tongue.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Check It

I know, I seem to have fallen behind on my adventure posting. I don't have too many, but here's what has happened in the past little bit.

February 17: A little boy in my class, Dylan, has had a crush on me since about September. On Valentine's Day I was teaching in the nursery, so I didn't see him. He got all the teachers in the preschool a fake rose. The next Friday I taught in the preschool and he had told his mom he wanted to give a rose to "the other teacher." She went out an bought another rose so he could give one to me. He had told me that he had a rose for me before his mom brought it in to him and when he came to hand it to me he wouldn't look me in the eye and then ran away after I had it. There is no bigger ego boost than getting a flower from a little three year old.

February 29: LEAP DAY!!
Now, these pictures are awful. They were taken with my phone and, as you can clearly see, by Hannah. You can't get the whole grandeur of the event, the pictures don't give our spectacle justice.
Here's what we did:
1. Put on firefighter helmets I so conveniently had in my car and went to Utah Lake.

2. Stripped down to just our swimsuits and BOOKED IT into the lake. ICE, ICE BABY! I'll admit, when my V hit the water my bladder just let go, it was so cold. We didn't go all the way in because the water was nastbot! We did NOT want that all over our arms.

This was taken after jumping in. Can you tell we were shaking?

Hannah made us take another one, she wanted a better quality. Can you see the pain in my eyes? My feet were quickly losing feeling.

These are our legs after getting out. Nastbot.

March 2: Two Years

March 2nd of this year marked the two year anniversary of when I found out I was pregnant.

I went out to eat with Dani and Trae at our beloved for Thanksgiving Point for the bomb fajita salad we always get.

I got Trae a couple shirts and the cutest Little People: superheroes!

He LOVED them, as this face clearly points out.

He's the cutest little boy I've ever seen. Fo sho.

March 13: First Day of Sandals
Wore sandals for the first day this year. SUMMER IS COMING!!!