Thursday, January 27, 2011

92 Days

It has only been a small 92 days since I gave birth to the most amazing little boy in the entire world. But, somehow, my life has turned upside down.

I can't believe I was pregnant just that long ago.

I have gone through so many emotions since I had him:







The last emotion doesn't have have a picture.


The bachelor: week 4

So since things are going awfully I must indulge in a guilty pleasure.

PLEASE tell me we find out how Michelle got her black eye! She is INSANE!

Walk on the ocean floor? This is the weirdest date I have ever heard of. And kissing with helmets on is not cute.

Brad "Wolmack" kind of sounds like Brad "Wombat" in just realized.

Michelle, don't threaten to give Brad a black eye in your interview thing.

Of course you all like him a lot. Every time you see him it's the perfect moment.

Oh Ashley S., way to put up with crazy, hormonal Michelle. I don't think I could listen to her talk in real life.

Chantal! That was the most unattractive kiss I have ever seen! I saw your tongue. Gross.

Stacy, your hair is ugly.

These group dates are weird. Always some odd activity fooled by swimming.

I don't like Lindsay's hair either.

Wow Brit, that was passionate...

Ashley H. you are annoying.

When do they get the mic things put on them when they are swimming?

Does Michelle only wear purple? I feel like that's all she wears.

How come most of the one on one dates are extreme?

I like Michelle's daughter's name. But I'm not about to attempt spelling it.

Brad, stop bringing in your therapist so much. Be your own person.

Woah, don't give one girl a special gift on rose ceremony night..

We all know it's the final rose. You don't need to announce it.

Meghan, you could not have walked out more weird.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bachelor: week 3

One of the first comments that were made by a girl was made by none other than Michelle. Michelle should be loved, she is from Utah for goodness sake! But she is the drama queen of the show, without a doubt. So the comment previously mentioned: I hate every girl in this house. Good night woman! She had better be sent home.

Michelle then get invited on the group date. I think "hate" and "pissed" are her two favorite words this episode. Last episode it was "30" and "birthday." I anticipate and angry Michelle for the rest of the episode.

The date with Ashley S. seemed a little too perfect. Come on producers, try to keep things seeming real. I don't watch a REALITY show seeing the scripting.

AHHH!!!! 26 minutes into the show and Michelle has done the firework hand thing AGAIN. Oh yes, I pray she does it more.

Minute 37: CREEPER ALERT! Michelle could definitely play the creepy girl who thinks she's in a relationship with a guy and then kills him. It's a little scary. I changed my mind, I want Michelle to stay. She is too entertaining!

Madison is not as creepy as I thought she would be from the beginning. She is actually super sweet and down to earth.

I love Emily, like any human with a heart would. But for some reason I just don't want her to win.

I can't decide whether to think the fact that Brad talks to his therapist to be cute, for show, or that he is very dependent.

"It bothers me that he's talking to other girls. It bothers me that he's thinking about other girls. It bothers me that he is in there with other girls." Are you kidding me Michelle?! That is the point of the show, but apparently she doesn't realize that.

Just as I was starting to like Madison...

Wow Kimberly! Harsh much?

As always a lovely night of Bachelor. Brad, you make my television worth turning on. Please take your shirt off more often.