Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh doctor, how I have missed you

Today I got to go back to the doctor. After seeing the doctor once a month for 4 months, twice a month from 1, and once a week for the last month of my pregnancy, along with a trip to hospital every week that last month, I felt very neglected these past few weeks. No doctor was interested in how my body was doing. So 4 and half long weeks later I go to the doctor and guess what, she wants to see me again next week! Then a week or two after that. I guess she really missed me and now regrets not seeing me more often.

I do love my doctor.

P.S. Turns out the internet also thinks my name is Philip Anderson. I don't know why, Philip Anderson and Alexa Seiler are only similar in the fact that they are made up of letters. So if you get creeped on by a Philip Anderson, it is really just me. Maybe I'll get a computer genius to take a looksie and fix this little dilemma for me.


  1. Dear Philip,
    Welcome to the good 'ol world of blogging. So glad you're here.

  2. ps. I want to follow your blog. HOW?