Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's Like Magic!

Yes, I am watching Harry Potter. But this is not about that.
I have been taking a Photoshop class this summer. The first couple of classes didn't leave me with much  confidence in the class. It was a lot of just basic computer knowledge, which I already have. I am by far the youngest one in the class. So I would start looking at the manuel and getting ahead or trying other things while he spent more time explaining how to "Select All" and "Copy" items.
But in class last week we learned how to "Clone" part of a picture. Cloning is the tool you use to get rid of a blemish on someone's face, a shadow on a shoulder, or an entire person if you need to. That is what I did. I took 8 people out of my picture, and their reflections. It took some time, but the picture looks awesome now! I love that I can do something this cool!



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