Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Little Venting

I do not hate my job.

This is what I am having to tell myself every morning lately before I head into work.

I love so many things about my job. I love being around kids. I love seeing them learn. I love finding resources. I love making centers.

Here's what I do not love. Skipping half my lunch because a parent has to take "just a sec" to talk to me from the window of their car. Being told to do an hour long training in my spare time. Not being able to ask for donations from parents. Having my Wi-Fi go out and the tech never stopping by. Parents who think their 5 or 6 year old is always telling them the whole truth and getting yelled at because I "let other kids bully their child." Getting told by the school district that 25 kindergarteners does not qualify as enough to get an aid. Mom helpers who say they will come to help then never show up. Being expected to do 2 hours of Language Arts instruction, 30 minutes of technology time, 30 minutes of P.E., 1 hour of math, 30 minutes of science, and 30 minutes of social studies in 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Lately I just feel like I am being asked to do more and more as a teacher and getting less and less help. No other job would require this. That's where my main frustration lies. I have 49 students who I need to get ready for first grade by May. That is the same as having 49 ongoing projects that have a definite deadline.

I'm drowning and all the lifeboats I call for aren't showing up.

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